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Crazy Varmint Hunting


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Deer Hunting

Here is Deer Hunting info.

Gun: One of the most popular guns for deer hunting is the 30-06. This is what I use. It is rugged, powerful, and able to shoot long distances.
Setup: I prefere to hunt food sources (acorns, apples, fields) You can also hunt trails or just places where you know that deer are.
Camo: Camo is a nescesity! Deer have very good eyesite so you need to try to blend into the cover around you.
Cover Scent: I wash my clothes in scentless shampoo then put them in a airtight bag with pine scents. ( you dont have to use pine) I also spray the bottom of my boots with coon pee  .
Calls: I generaly don't use calls except occasionaly a grunt to get them to stop.


I wouldn't mind seeing one like this!

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