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Crazy Varmint Hunting


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Chipmunk Hunting

Facts: Chipmunks are very small brown critters that provide an fun and exciting hunt.

Setup: They prefer to hide in small brush piles or boulders. It is easy to find them because they have a very high and loud call that can be heard easily.

Gun: I recomend using low power shotguns or a .22. I use my Ruger 10/22.

Camo: Camo is helpful, but it is not necesary.

Approach: Once you locate a chipmunk sneak as close as you can. Don't try to get to close because they are very fast and once they see you it is very hard to get a shot off.

Warning: In some states these are protected so be sure to check the hunting regulations.


Here is a picture from recent hunt. I got 7 chipmunks in a span of 2hrs. I was hunting brush piles.