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Crazy Varmint Hunting


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Favorite Links

This is the site that got me started on coyote hunting.

Bark at the Moon Coyote Club

Full of awsome information and TONS of links.

Varmint Al's

This has a list of all of Johnny Stewart's products and dealer info.

Johnny Stewart

Mostly trapping stuff, but it has some good prices on other things.

R-P Outdoors

Awsome message board, very helpfull.

GO GO Varmint Forum

The definitive source of information for the serious varmint hunter.

The Varmint Den

If you have any questions about WV hunting regulations look here.

Ask the Conservation Officer

A hunting/personal site. Has some good stuff. (he is my older bro so I had to put a link to his site)

JD's Place

Lotsa info and calling stuff.

Bills Coyote Hunting

Send me a link to your website and I will put a link to it on my links page.