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My First Deer

My First Deer
By Bryan Detwiler
It was a cold November moring with a windchill of -23 degrees. I sat in the middle of a field hiding behind some rocks we call the Rock Wall. My father was sitting behside me watching for deer.
After a while I began to hear some comotion in the woods. My adrenaline began to flow when I saw three does jump the fence and come out into the field. I then noticed another deer jumping the fence when I looked closer I saw it was a buck.
I slowly raised my gun and prepard to shoot. I clicked off the saftey and centered the buck in my scopes. I slowly squeezed the trigger. The deer scattered in all directions. My buck was completley unahrmed and actually ran closer to me. I ejected the shell out of my dads Remington 30-06 and aimed again. I squezed the trigger. The deer droped without taking a step. It was a spike. Not very big, but great for a first deer.